Connecting Talent to Opportunities Across Industries


At The Himalayan HR (P) Ltd., we are dedicated to facilitating successful partnerships between talented individuals and esteemed employers in various industries. Our comprehensive services cater to a wide range of sectors, ensuring that both job seekers and businesses find the perfect fit. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we take pride in being the go-to recruitment agency for connecting talent to opportunities.

Our Services:

  1. Hotel & Catering:

    • Manager & Assistant Manager
    • Public Relation Officer & Restaurant Captain
    • Cooks (Continental, Chinese, Indian, Tandoor & Arabic)
    • Assistant Cooks
    • Waiters/Waitresses
    • Fast Food Crew
    • Food and Beverage Controllers
    • Food and Beverage Manager
    • Bakers/Pastry Chefs
    • Barmen
    • Kitchen Helpers
    • Dishwashers
    • Laundry Men
    • Bell Boys
    • Receptionists
    • Housekeepers/Room Boys
  2. Official Personnel:

    • Office Manager
    • Assistant Manager
    • Managers (Marketing, Sales, Administration)
    • Accountants & Cashiers
    • Secretaries, Storekeepers, Purchasers
    • Clerks, Typists, Data Entry Operators
    • Office Boys
  3. Supermarket/Hypermarket:

    • Salesmen
    • Cashiers
    • Trolley Boys
    • Helpers
    • Cleaners
  4. Engineering/Air Conditioners:

    • Electrical Engineers
    • Mechanical Engineers
    • Electronic Engineers
    • Civil Engineers
    • HVAC Foreman
    • HVAC Supervisors
    • HVAC Technicians
    • Official Personnel
    • Pattern Makers
    • Cutting Masters
    • Production Managers
    • Supervisors
    • Tailors
    • Checker Helpers
  5. Information Technology:

    • Computer Engineers
    • System Administrators
    • Software Engineers
    • Programmers
    • System Analysts
    • Network Administrators
    • Data Entry Operators
  6. Building Structure Maintenance & Construction:

    • Electricians
    • Plumbers, Welders, Steel Fixers & Pipe Fitters
    • Carpenters (Finishing & Shuttering)
    • Electronic Technicians
    • Painters (Spray Wall)
    • Mason Construction Helpers
    • Mason Brick/Block Layers
    • Mason Tile/Marble Fitters
    • Auto Mechanics & Maintenance
    • Light Vehicle Drivers
    • Car/Van/Mini bus Drivers
    • Heavy Equipment Operators
    • Truck/Lorry/Trailer/Forklift/Crane Drivers
    • Motor/Grader/Dozer/Backhoe/Roller Operators
    • Bulldozer/Scraper Operators
    • Auto Mechanic/Diesel Machine Mechanic
    • Heavy-duty Mechanics
    • Wireless Technicians/Bar Tenders
  7. Security Sector:

    • Ex-British Army
    • Ex-Indian Army
    • Ex-Nepalese Army
    • Ex-Nepal Police
    • Watchmen
    • Security Officers
    • Security Supervisors
    • Civil Security Guards
    • Bodyguards

At The Himalayan HR (P) Ltd., our recruitment process is carefully tailored to each industry, ensuring that we understand the specific needs of both employers and job seekers. As a candidate, you can trust us to help you find the right opportunity that aligns with your skills and ambitions. For businesses, we are committed to presenting you with top-notch candidates who meet your requirements and contribute to your company’s growth and success.

We emphasize personalized service, confidentiality, and quality assurance. Our team of experienced recruiters works diligently to match talent and opportunities, saving you time and resources. Whether you are looking to advance your career or bolster your workforce, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of endless possibilities in the world of opportunities! Let’s work together to build a brighter future for you and your organization.

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