Recruitment Procedure:

At The Himalayan HR Pvt. Ltd., we pride ourselves on our robust and reliable recruitment procedure, designed to ensure that we source the best candidates for our clients’ specific needs. Our comprehensive process involves multiple stages of screening, testing, and verification to guarantee the highest quality standards. Here’s an overview of our recruitment procedure:

  1. Sourcing Method: We maintain an extensive client list and regularly receive candidate registrations from various sources. Our team collates, sorts, and updates this information in a professionally managed databank, providing us with a vast pool of resources to draw from. Additionally, for specific client requirements, we advertise in leading local newspapers after obtaining the necessary documents and permissions from the Labor Ministry.

  2. Authentication of Applicant Qualifications: We have established strong relationships with educational institutions in the regions from which we source personnel. This allows us to verify the qualifications of candidates to ensure that they meet the necessary criteria for the job. Our rigorous verification process ensures that the selected candidates possess the required qualifications and expertise to excel in their respective fields.

  3. Testing for Skilled Workers: For skilled workers, we conduct a stringent aptitude and attitude test, including a technical questionnaire. Candidates must score a minimum of 70% on this test to qualify for the next round of assessment. This rigorous testing ensures that the candidates we select have a high level of proficiency in their respective fields, offering our clients top-notch expertise and competence.

  4. Screening & Short-listing: Our highly experienced technical consultants conduct thorough screening and assessment of candidates. If necessary, candidates are sent for trade-testing to further evaluate their skills and capabilities. Short-listed applicants are graded based on their professional knowledge, general aptitude, presentation, and attitude.

  5. Final Selection: Once the short-listed candidates have successfully completed all assessments, their applications are presented to the client for the final selection process. If required, we can carry out the final selection process on behalf of the client, following a detailed brief on their specific requirements. Our selection process is merit-based, ensuring that candidates are chosen solely on their qualifications and capabilities.

  6. Medical Examination Facilities: We understand the importance of ensuring that selected candidates are in good health for deployment. As part of our recruitment process, we undertake necessary medical examinations for the candidates. Our registered doctors work with approved medical institutions, minimizing paperwork and making the recruitment process more convenient for our clients.

  7. Mobilization Period: Upon the final selection and receipt of the necessary visas, we require a minimum of two weeks to mobilize the selected candidates for actual deployment. This allows us to make all necessary arrangements and ensure a smooth and efficient transition for our clients and the recruited candidates.

At The Himalayan HR Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to delivering excellence in our recruitment services. Our systematic and thorough recruitment procedure enables us to meet the specific requirements of our clients, while also providing opportunities for talented individuals to secure their dream jobs. Our team of experienced consultants and experts work tirelessly to make the recruitment process a seamless experience for all stakeholders involved.

Legal Documents Required from The Himalayan HR Pvt. Ltd.:

To ensure a smooth and legally compliant recruitment process, we require the following legal documents from The Himalayan HR Pvt. Ltd.:

  1. Demand Letter: This is a letter from The Himalayan HR Pvt. Ltd. stating the number of workers they need, the salary they will offer, the working hours, and the facilities they will provide, such as food and accommodation.

  2. Power of Attorney: This document authorizes our agency to act as a representative on behalf of The Himalayan HR Pvt. Ltd. in the country where recruitment is taking place.

  3. Employment Contract: The Employment Contract is a written agreement between The Himalayan HR Pvt. Ltd. and the employee, which outlines the salary, benefits, and terms and conditions of the job.

  4. Agency Agreement: This is a contract between The Himalayan HR Pvt. Ltd. and our agency, mutually agreed upon and signed by both parties, to work together in the recruitment process.

  5. Guarantee Letter: The Himalayan HR Pvt. Ltd. writes a letter to the Labor Department of Nepal, seeking permission from the government for the recruitment process.

All these legal documents should be on the official letterhead of The Himalayan HR Pvt. Ltd., signed, and stamped by the company authority. Depending on the country where the recruitment is taking place, additional attestation may be required from Chamber of Commerce, Nepal Embassy, or Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia, and Notary Public Attestation for Malaysia.

If you have any queries or need more information about our recruitment procedure or the legal documents required, please feel free to contact us or visit our office. We look forward to partnering with you to meet your recruitment needs effectively and efficiently.

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